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The jungle of motorcycle clothes safety 🤷‍♀️


You might have just seen an advert for mc jackets for women, or maybe have just bought amazing motorcycle kevlar jeans in the local dealership. You feel excited and love their looks, but at the same time you ask yourself "how to know if my motorcycle gear is safe? What type and level of protection does it provide and why, or when, should I choose one garment instead of another?"

These are the normal (and important!) questions to ask when shopping for motorcycle clothes. And if you do not know the answers yet - do not worry! 

I believe, it is the duty and responsibility of motorcycle clothes manufacturers or dealers to provide you with all the answers and advice. And therefore, I will do my very best in this blog to guide you through the jungle of motorcycle clothes’ safety. 

We will dig into the details step by step so that you know everything you need to know when choosing your motorcycle gear 🏍️ 



Raimonda from Moto Lounge 

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