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vulcanet car and motorbike dry wipes
vulcanet car and motorbike dry wipes

VULCANET - Motorcycle Cleaning Wipes

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Vulcanet is the world’s first premium all-in-one cleaning wipe for motorcycles and cars, that is ideal for washing your motorcycle without water. The days of water, sponges, multiple cleaning products, and buckets are over - because all you need are Vulcanet wipes!


Why use VULCANET? If you're tired of average results and do not like to get wet, but are looking for optimal results. 

How ? VULCANET is an impregnated towel that is both a reservoir for multiple cleaning products and a place to collect diluted dirt.

VULCANET takes care of the complete interior and exterior cleaning of your vehicle, without residue or rinsing, without leaving a trace. Insects, tree resins, tar, silt, grease, limestone, pollution, salt, dust, dirt, nothing resists VULCANET. Can be used on glossy or matt paint, upholstery, aluminum, leather, glass, plastic, etc...

VULCANET captures and traps dissolved debris without rinsing, vacuuming, etc.

Once the surface is clean, the cleaning is stopped by the passage of the MICROFIBER M420 which stops and fixes the process.

That's all !

Degreaser that prepares surfaces for cleaning
Bug and tar remover that tackles stubborn deposits
Glass/screen polish
Wheel cleaner that removes brake dust
Renovation of faded paintwork and contaminant removal

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