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Brand Alert πŸ”₯ Helston's - motorcycle fashion the French way!

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Do you want products that are made of material that has been carefully selected for its purpose, in order to achieve the best performance and best quality?Β 

Maison Helston's is a French motorcycle equipment specialist founded in 1988. Its commitment to motorcycling and its expertise have given rise to designs that combine fashion and performance. The company creates high-quality products designed to meet the unexpected needs of an innovative clientele.


French motorcycle clothing brand Helston's

At Moto Lounge you will find, among other things, these amazing soft leather gloves in goat leather which ensure good resistance and flexibility with improved comfort.

Or this beautiful Jade lady leather jacket, which is made of full-grain leather, the most dense, resistant and expensive part of the hide. The roughness, which gives it authenticity and unique character, is emphasised by a special treatment. This treatment also enables the leather to acquire a unique patina during the leather's second life. Helstons carefully selects its hides to create robust and elegant jackets.

Helston also makes smart accessories, which can be a handy add on to your mc style. Functional leg-bags for storing your most important things and keeping them close to you, or some cool key holders to accessorise your look.Β 

The French eye for fashion and quality that does not disappoint - that is Helston’s signature!Β 

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